Kuruva Island, Wayanad

Kuruva Island/ Kuruva Dweep Wayanad Details

  1. Destination Name: Kuruva Isand/ Kuruva Dweep (in Local language Malayalam)
  2. Specialty:  Kuruvadweep is the only island surrounded with naturally purified water source in Kerala
  3. Location: Payyampally, Mananthavady, Wayanad, Kerala
  4. Permitting authority:
    Divisional Forest Officer
    South Wayanad
    Ph: +91 4936 203428
  5. Entry time: 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM
  6. Location in Map : Click Here
  7. Allowed Visitors Per Day: 200Nos


Kuruvadweep or Kuruva Island comprises of a cluster of islets over the middle of Kabini River in Wayanad that is popular for the boat rides it offers on specially crafted bamboo rafts. Spread over 950 acres of land, Kuruva Island, is popular for its diverse flora and fauna. These islands contain two small fresh water lakes. They are also a known safe haven for migratory birds along with hornbills, parrots and many butterfly species.

Kuruva Dweep or Kuruva Island is a protected river delta, comprising a cluster of islands over the middle of Kabini River in Wayanad. Spread over 950 acres of land, Kuruva Island is densely populated with rich flora and fauna. One of the rarest species of wild animals are living here. The geographical peculiarity of this island makes this place evergreen with a serene ambiance.

Dwelling deep into this island, you can sight many attractive things like bridges made up of bamboo trees and other rare species of trees. The uninhabited island is home to rare species of birds, orchids, herbal plants etc. Coming so much closer to the nature, you might be feeling Kuruva Island as a nature’s gift to Wayanad.

Nature lovers throng to this remote destination in large numbers. Trekking enthusiasts will find some of the most beautiful and natural trails here. Massive trees situated next to the river are perfect picnic spots. The surrounding streams are ideal for a boat ride or rafting while enjoying the enchanting beauty of the island. The boats and rafts are provided by the Kerala Tourism Department.


The is surrounded by streams and rivers and you can have a boat ride or rafting through this stream enjoying the enchanting beauty of the island. The boats and rafts are provided by the Kerala Tourism Department and it will take few hours to cover each and every island. Tourists from different parts of the world enjoy the rafting here. The rafts are made up of bamboos providing you a thrilling and exciting journey through the streams.

The other thing you can do in this fabuloisland us island is to have a calm and lazy nature walk. Partying and picnic are restricted here as the authorities are maintaining eco-tourism in Kuruva Island. Just enjoy the beauty without spoiling the pristine nature. You can also plan for a trekking in Kuruva Island.

Entry to this island is restricted during rainy seasons (from June to September). The island is opened during the months from October to May and there is a nominal entry fee to the island. The time schedule is from morning 9 to evening 5.

The island is situated 15 km away from Mananthavady, 58 kilometres from Sultanbathery and 40 kms from Kalpetta. There are frequent buses from Manathavady to Kuruva Island.

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